The Top 15 SEO Chrome Extensions For Free

The Chrome Web Store offers many add-ons that can help with SEO work, such as finding keywords and analyzing the performance of your pages.

But with so many choices, it can take time to pick the best ones.

We’ve carefully selected 15 of the most useful SEO extensions for Google Chrome. This article is a comprehensive guide to these tools, which can save you time and enhance your SEO strategy.

  • Meta SEO Inspector
  • Redirect Path
  • Web Developer
  • Wayback
  • Wappalyzer
  • SERP Counter
  • Check My Links
  • NoFollow Referrer
  • View Rendered Source
  • Word Counter
  • TextOptimizer
  • Keyword Surfer
  • SEO Minion
  • SEO Search Simulator
  • MozBar

What Are Chrome Extensions For SEO?

SEO Chrome extensions don’t just function as tools; They are SEO secrets that enhance your browsing experience. You can customize these extensions to meet your specific needs, and they conveniently sit beside the address bar on the right side of the Chrome interface. They’re easily accessible from the Google Web Store.

Adding an extension is quick and can enhance your efficiency. Check out the top SEO Content Optimization Chrome extensions below to improve your browsing experience!

Meta SEO Inspector

This tool offers comprehensive individual page evaluations. It allows you to inspect essential SEO elements and provides valuable alerts for potential issues. Some of the components it covers include metadata, headers, alt text, and canonicals. If you’re an SEO professional, this Chrome extension is an essential addition to your toolkit.

Redirect Path

Redirect Path

This Chrome extension is essential for SEO professionals and web developers. It presents a list of server response codes and URLs that users can copy, simplifying the monitoring of redirects and 404 errors without requiring a full site scan. It was particularly helpful in identifying and resolving redirect issues, which are crucial aspects of Technical SEO reviews.

Web Developer

This extension can display a page without Javascript or CSS, which helps you see how they appear to web crawlers and spot any potential issues quickly. It also has features similar to the Meta SEO Inspector (the first tool on the list), such as displaying header tags, alt text, and on-page links.


This Chrome extension enables users to access archived versions of webpages, providing valuable insights into a page’s performance in search results and how it has evolved. Understanding the historical context of a page can offer a broader perspective of the site, allowing for more informed SEO strategy planning. With this background information, you can strategically chart the course for your SEO strategy going forward.


Understanding a new site’s technical setup is crucial when assessing it as an SEO professional. The first step involves examining the systems in place. Wappalyzer, a Chrome extension, facilitates this process by promptly displaying the various technologies the site utilizes. From identifying the content management system (CMS) to recognizing the SEO plugin, Wappalyzer provides valuable insight into the backend infrastructure, enabling informed analysis of the site’s configuration.

SERP Counter

The SERP Counter is a simple yet highly effective SEO Chrome Extension. It offers a valuable perspective on search engine result pages (SERPs), mainly when links are pushed further down the page. Additionally, it serves as a visual for sharing SEO performance insights with others. As SERPs evolve, the SERP Counter proves invaluable in enhancing comprehension of these changes.

Check My Links

The Check My Links extension quickly shows the status of links on individual pages. It highlights valid, redirects, and invalid links, making optimizations easier. The Meta SEO Inspector, listed first, also displays the anchor text for each link, showing how these tools work together.

NoFollow Referrer

The NoFollow Referrer extension helps identify links that could affect your SEO efforts. This Chrome extension distinguishes between no-follow and do-follow links, providing insight into which links can be analyzed and which ones might not. Additionally, it saves time by highlighting no-index HTML tags, eliminating the need to check Google Search Console for this information.

View Rendered Source

Observing how a browser renders a page is crucial for SEOs aiming to comprehend how search engines interpret content. This user-friendly SEO extension showcases the raw and rendered source codes and compares the differences between the two.

Word Counter

This tool is a dependable resource for writing or reviewing metadata. It ensures that you utilize the entire character limit without facing reduction. It’s also handy for comparing competitors to determine if page length is a shared trait among top-ranking URLs.


TextOptimizer is a writing assistant tool. It examines search results to identify relevant terms and generates “intent tables” to propose alternative words that can enhance your copy and better align it with search engines’ preferences.

While numerous premium content optimization tools are available, TextOptimizer stands out as a commendable free option.

Keyword Surfer

The extension offers a wealth of data for a free tool, including keyword search volumes, keyword ideas, and domain-level traffic evaluations directly on Google’s SERPs.

Recently, it introduced a new feature called the “Outline Generator,” which quickly generates an article outline by analyzing the top-ranking search results with just one click.

SEO Minion

The SEO Minion extension is a comprehensive SEO tool. It lets you review on-page SEO data, highlight outgoing links, and find broken links on pages.

Its standout feature is exporting multilevel “People Also Ask” queries from the SERP. It can also provide detailed queries related to the topic that can help create new content.

SEO Search Simulator

With this extension, you can copy Google searches from any location and see if a specific URL appears in the top 100 results.

This extension will help you understand how rankings change for a search query in different parts of the world.



MozBar is a comprehensive Chrome extension designed for thorough on-page SEO analysis. It allows you to customize your searches by search engine type, country, region, or city.

It provides insights into Page Authority and Domain Authority metrics for each search result, helping you gauge your ranking potential.

When you visit a page, MozBar automatically highlights keywords and categorizes links as Followed, No-Followed, External, or Internal. It highlights other on-page SEO elements like HTTP status, markup, and general attributes.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the right SEO Chrome extensions can be overwhelming, but with the proper tools, you can enhance your SEO efforts and simplify your tasks. Our top 15 free SEO Chrome extensions list offers many features to help you analyze, optimize, and plan your SEO strategy.

From Meta SEO Inspector’s detailed page evaluations to MozBar’s comprehensive on-page analysis, each extension uniquely improves your website’s rankings.

These extensions are more than just tools; they are valuable resources that can transform your browsing experience and increase productivity. Take the time to explore and integrate these extensions into your SEO toolkit. With the right tools, you’ll be well-prepared to handle the changing world of SEO and stay ahead of your competitors.


How can these extensions benefit my SEO strategy?

These extensions offer many functionalities, including analyzing metadata, checking for broken links, assessing keyword performance, and evaluating page and domain authority. Using them lets you gain valuable insights into your website’s performance to improve it.

How do I install Chrome extensions?

To install Chrome extensions, visit the Chrome Web Store, search for the extension you want to install, and click the “Add to Chrome” button. Follow the prompts to complete the installation process.

Are these SEO Chrome extensions safe to use?

Yes, these extensions are safe to use. However, to avoid potential security risks, it’s essential to be cautious and only install extensions from reputable sources like the Chrome Web Store.

Can I use these SEO Chrome extensions on other browsers?

No, these extensions are specifically designed for Google Chrome and may not be compatible with other browsers. However, some similar extensions may be available for other browsers.

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